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Mayo Clinic at St Luke's Hospital in Jacksonville.  Short-term rental information: We are one of the only condo sources for short term rentals nearby.

Mayo Clinic at Jacksonville

Davis Building and fountainJacksonville is very excited to be the home to Mayo Health Clinic Florida.  Mayo Clinic has been part of the excitement growing across the US and internationally about Jacksonville.  It has been choice to use St Luke's Hospital at Belfort and Gate Parkway West(seen to the left) for its operative care for many years.  St Luke's Hospital has 289 private rooms and has been operated by Mayo Clinic for inpatient care and hospitalization.  It is located only 10 miles from the Mayo Clinic Hospital making it an easy commute but away from beach traffic.

Davis Building and fountainA new Mayo Clinic is emerging on the scene.  Opening somewhere around April 08 is the eight-story Davis Building which is the clinic's largest facility.  For the sake of getting your bearings, the building works like this: the Bundy Cafe & Atrium and Mayo Pharmacy are located on the main floor and other patient facilities include the Mayo Building and the Cannaday Building, which houses the gift shop.

Even with the beautiful weather of North Florida the buildings are built to connect the three buildings by an enclosed walkway which is linked to The Inn at Mayo Clinic; actually a hotel with 78 suites.  Also linked, nearby the campus entrance is the The Courtyard by Marriott, with 146 rooms.

There are 10 scientific laboratories for neurological diseases at Birdsall Medical Research Building.  Alzheimer's is only one of the main research topics in this scientific field. Built in 2002 is The Griffin Cancer Research Building which paved the way to the new Jacksonville facility's focus mainly on cancer research. 

The NEW Mayo Clinic Hospital

So what about the new 214-bed, 650,000-square-foot hospital being built on the Mayo Clinic campus?  Completion is slated for April 08.  The biggest excitement for Mayo Clinic is that apparently this has been a dream coming to fruition.  The new building will bring together the medical research and training facilities with inpatient and out patient services in one convenient place. 

If you have ever looked into the eyes of a Mayo Clinic patient or the care giving loved one, you would be excited as well.  Mayo Clinic does what no one else can rival and they do it seamlessly and almost seems to hug everyone involved, every step of the way.  This is medical intervention at its best.  Congratulations Mayo Health Clinic Florida on the realization of a dream.  Let's hope that Rochester Mayo, Arizona Mayo and Minnesota Mayo's can keep up.

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